About - Gone To Get Salty

Welcome to Gone To Get Salty - a place for surf travel fanatics to learn, and be inspired for their next surf trip.

Why The Hell Did We Start This Website?

Simply to connect the dots when planning for your next surf trip - so you can travel for cheaper, for longer and have a better chance of scoring the waves you deserve!

Sure, you can find the information you need elsewhere, but have you considered the following?

Online forums are great,  BUT taking advice from an unknown (and most likely in-experienced) surf travel forum 'lurker' about where to stay in Western Java is a risky move.

Travel guides (like the lonely planet) are rad, BUT they were not made for the surf traveller in mind; you wont be warned about taking boards on overnight buses when travelling down the pacific coast of Mexico!

Most surf travel agencies​ are cool,  BUT are you sure that their recommendation for the most expensive surf resort in Samoa has your best interests at heart? or could it be that they just want you to spend more money with them??

I'm just a surfer from the east coast of Australia who's constantly dreaming of, and planning for,  his next surf trip - just like you. The more I travel, the larger this site will become - hopefully this means that planning your next surf trip will become a breeze as you search through looking for tips and inspiration!