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How To Avoid Shark Attacks & Why It Doesnt Matter

What’s the biggest stress in a surfers life? A super-crowded lineup? Snapping your new $800 fun board? Yes, these things can ruin your day, but that’s not what we’re getting at. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few months, there’s likely one thing that’s been on your mind every time you paddle […]

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Surfing Survival – How To Take On The Ocean Safely

Surfing is a blast most times, however we often are quick to dismiss the danger involved – most likely because its so addictive, so we tend to not care. Every year surfers lose their lives, and while this is sometimes inevitable, understanding the waves, weather conditions, and your own fitness and ability levels can make […]

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Removing Sea Urchin Spines The Right Way

Sea urchins lurk on the bottom of the sea (particularly in warm, shallow waters – like you’d find in Indonesia) and their sharp, protruding spines are not just there to ruin your day – they serve as a means of protecting them against predators – which includes your unsuspecting feet.Chances are if you’re surfing perfect […]

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